Monday, March 31, 2008

Escape from the Sick Ward

Natalie has been sick since Thursday, hence my absence. So, since she's not photo worthy, how about some quilting.

These two are part of a series of 12. For my quilty friends, they are from the Piece O' Cake Ladies "Through Grandmother's Window" series. I am really enjoying coming up with the colors of each block and they are done in all batiks. Love it!!! I've started the third one, which is supposed to be cactus. I'm doing it in orange and a softer yellow.

And I want to introduce you to Fiona. She's not technically done yet, but all of the pieces are appliqued on. I'm going to do some fancy embellishing before I quilt her. Again for the quilty friends, she is a Mount Redoubt pattern but ya'll know I don't fuse so she is all needleturn.


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