Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Reincarnation and Pajama Pants

Whether you believe in reincarnation or not, I believe Mother Teresa lives at my house and her name is Haley. She does not like to have her photo taken nor will she look at you when you call her name.

Harley is also someone important but I haven't figured out who. I'm sure he'll let me know when he's good and ready. You would think seven years would be long enough to figure it out.

For those that have pets who own us, I'm sure you can relate to cats and their staff.

When I was a child I remember in my dress up clothes a blue velour skirt with an elastic waist that I used as a skirt, a bridal veil, nun's habit, whatever role it served. Natalie put her jammies on the other night and decided to put the pants on her head. I couldn't help but remember that skirt, maybe it was the color. She ran around for a while before putting the pants on inside out.

Ahhh, childhood.

Tonight she requested a peanut butter and marshmellow sandwich. I think the face says it all. She looks the same after she brushes her teeth. I think she asks for these sandwiches, or franches as she calls them, so she can play. She spreads the peanut butter relatively well, in between taking swipes of it with her finger off the bread.
Daddy comes home tonight, Yaaaa! Ah, the life of a NASCAR widow...

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