Friday, June 20, 2008

What a Productive Week!!!

So they are all little things but, hey, a finished piece is a finished piece. The first one is another scissor fob. I'm trying to pace myself so I don't wind up with 50 of them. Like I said in my last post, they are SOOO easy.

Then I wanted a case for my ipod. Just something to put it in in my purse. So I came up with this little nugget. I can't decide what button to put on it, so that's the reason for the pin.

After the Surface Design class, I was flipping through a recently purchased beading book by Larkin van Horn. She makes these beaded buttons while she's on the road. I thought it was wonderful so I made one. The bad part was while I was putting it on the button form I loosened some beads, so I took the picture before I took it off so I can fix it. The good thing was I found out why I like Silamide better then Nymo. This was really fun to do and definitely helped me practice my beading. This might become the centerpiece of a new quilt.

Finally, it was mentioned that Altoid tins are good to transport beading projects. Well, I've had this kit (including heart tin) for quite a while and decided it was time for it to be made. Anyway, real easy -- a little cross stitch, some embroidery and a few beads. Hot glue onto the tin, add the cording, and a piece of felt on the inside -- PRESTO, bead tin!


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Two more finishes

Before I get to the pretty's I must show a Natalie picture. Last Saturday we had a few errands to run and we needed to kill some time before one place opened. So, we went to a little bakery and someone wanted a chocolate cupcake heaped with frosting. It was early in the day to run off a sugar high, plus she was spending most of the afternoon with my mom. This is her with a frosting mustache. Can you tell she's quite proud of herself!

A few weeks ago I got the chance to take a workshop with Lyric Kinard. We all had such a great time learning to carve our own stamps and use them, paint, foil, screen print, bead, photo transfer. The cover of my book is stamped and foiled with the large cabochon and beading in the center. The inside of the book cover is screen printed. The photos don't do the final piece justice.

The other little trinket is something else for my guild's Christmas in July. It is a scissor fob made with Art Girlz wool beads, buttons and a silver charm. There will probably be more of these then anything because they were SOOOO easy to make.