Friday, February 29, 2008

TGIF -- sort of

I planned on posting last night but after the day we had (a short synopsis of that in a minute), I decided to wait until this morning, and thankfully I did because I would have missed this picture. Check out the shoes!! Natalie decided on her outfit and yes, her shoes are on the wrong feet.

Anyway, yesterday in a nutshell was expect the unexpected. In a very short span of time, I found her sitting on the counter in her bathroom washing her feet after she bumped it and insisted it needed sunscreen to feel better. Next, it was dental health week at school and she must have brushed her teeth four times after we came home. Well, I then found her in her bathroom and she had squeezed a good amount of toothpaste in the sink and was "cleaning" the sink with a toothbrush. And the last one I'll mention is the wardrobe change. I have the winter crud. She had it, too, but it lasts half as long. Anyway, I took something for my grueling headache and asked her to lay down with me, so I knew where she was. Well, I must of dosed off and when I woke up she had changed out of her jeans and long-sleeved t-shirt and into shorts and Hannah Montana t-shirt and then wanted to go outside.

Now I must point out she does these things very quickly. I could be switching out laundry or unloading the dishwasher, or going to the bathroom, but she sees her window and takes the opportunity. Hopefully today is less exciting but I doubt it.

On the creative front, I made this little piece I call Pond Study. I had some techniques I wanted to try before I made a big piece. Don't ask how long it will take to make a big pond, that depends on Natalie but I did spread the fabric out on the pool table so I could look at it. As the quilting friends can relate, we sometimes do that for several days. Hopefully this weekend I can get some fish cut out.
Speaking of the weekend, Jason is in Las Vegas. He's already called this morning, 5:12 am his time. She's doing well with his absence, better then last season, but then again we just got started. Or maybe it never ended...

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hello from Our Corner of the Nation

Welcome to our blog. We are a family of five: three people and two furries. My hopes for this space is that our faraway family members can keep up with us. I also enjoy quilting and want to share my creations. So, one day there may be stories of what has happened and the next I'm showing pictures of what I've made. One thing it will definitely never be is boring. I'll share more as I go along but for today I just wanted to say "Hello."