Friday, March 14, 2008

Eggs for All

Well, we've survived another week. What am I on race 5?

Thursday was the Easter Egg Hunt at school. Natalie is finally adjusted to school. No more crying, no more sitting in the little chair in the doorway, no more boy-phobia (which isn't entirely a bad thing). Surprisingly it only took four months. Lord, I hope the summer doesn't mess it up. I've signed her up for three days a week and I'll be screwed in the fall if she starts crying again. "Mommy, why do I have to go to school aggaaiinn?" Daddy got to go to the hunt. Which is good because the teachers thought he was imaginery.

Later in the day, we enjoyed the beautiful weather. I asked her to try on her new swimsuit before I cut the tags off. She wouldn't take it off for three hours. She even went outside to say 'good-bye' to Daddy. The neighbors probably think I'm nuts. I'm surprised DSS wasn't here first thing in the morning.

Finally we ended our day with roller skating in the basement. It takes her longer to put all the padding on. Then she stands up makes me help her for minute and she's done. Who could imagine 120 seconds could be so much fun -- for her anyway.


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