Monday, March 31, 2008

Escape from the Sick Ward

Natalie has been sick since Thursday, hence my absence. So, since she's not photo worthy, how about some quilting.

These two are part of a series of 12. For my quilty friends, they are from the Piece O' Cake Ladies "Through Grandmother's Window" series. I am really enjoying coming up with the colors of each block and they are done in all batiks. Love it!!! I've started the third one, which is supposed to be cactus. I'm doing it in orange and a softer yellow.

And I want to introduce you to Fiona. She's not technically done yet, but all of the pieces are appliqued on. I'm going to do some fancy embellishing before I quilt her. Again for the quilty friends, she is a Mount Redoubt pattern but ya'll know I don't fuse so she is all needleturn.


Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter

We hope everyone had a Happy Easter. We celebrated with my parents and Jason's brother's family.

Natalie enjoyed her goodies. She was devastated Sunday morning, though, when her basket wasn't out in the open. I was too tired Saturday night to stuff it, so I told her the bunny hides the basket and we would find it.
She then hunted eggs in the front yard. She kept looking out the front window, thinking she forgot some or others miraculously appeared.
The joys of childhood: when sitting on the lap of a bunny means a basketful of all the stuff she asked for.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Eggs for All

Well, we've survived another week. What am I on race 5?

Thursday was the Easter Egg Hunt at school. Natalie is finally adjusted to school. No more crying, no more sitting in the little chair in the doorway, no more boy-phobia (which isn't entirely a bad thing). Surprisingly it only took four months. Lord, I hope the summer doesn't mess it up. I've signed her up for three days a week and I'll be screwed in the fall if she starts crying again. "Mommy, why do I have to go to school aggaaiinn?" Daddy got to go to the hunt. Which is good because the teachers thought he was imaginery.

Later in the day, we enjoyed the beautiful weather. I asked her to try on her new swimsuit before I cut the tags off. She wouldn't take it off for three hours. She even went outside to say 'good-bye' to Daddy. The neighbors probably think I'm nuts. I'm surprised DSS wasn't here first thing in the morning.

Finally we ended our day with roller skating in the basement. It takes her longer to put all the padding on. Then she stands up makes me help her for minute and she's done. Who could imagine 120 seconds could be so much fun -- for her anyway.


Sunday, March 9, 2008

Monday, Monday

Wednesday we went to have lunch with daddy but more importantly we saw the Easter Bunny. Silly rabbit! We had already tried to meet up with the elusive hare but he was not at the first mall we visited. We found him though, and he's gotten me out of many a toy section lately without a fight. I'll guess after Easter I'll spend the next eight months using Santa. It's good Natalie has no concept of time. (Photo courtesy of Holiday Photos at Concord Mills Mall)

Thursday I took an incredible workshop with Kristi Steiner. Of course, I forgot my camera. If you're really interested check out her website at It was all hand applique which was like a dream day for me. Then Saturday, I took a hand quilting workshop. Also forgot the camera but learned a lot and had a great time.
We're so looking forward to Easter weekend. It's the first off-weekend of the season and I know Jason is looking forward to being home. He said that when he figured it out, since Jan. 1 he'd been on the road for 31 days. I say since Jan. 27 he's been home 10 days. I don't know which is worse but it's funny how we see things differently.
I hope to have some quilty pictures to post this week. I'm itching to finish something. I've got to turn in my challenge for Charlotte Guild on Saturday, so I will at least have that. With a three year old, I say that like its a bad thing.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Reincarnation and Pajama Pants

Whether you believe in reincarnation or not, I believe Mother Teresa lives at my house and her name is Haley. She does not like to have her photo taken nor will she look at you when you call her name.

Harley is also someone important but I haven't figured out who. I'm sure he'll let me know when he's good and ready. You would think seven years would be long enough to figure it out.

For those that have pets who own us, I'm sure you can relate to cats and their staff.

When I was a child I remember in my dress up clothes a blue velour skirt with an elastic waist that I used as a skirt, a bridal veil, nun's habit, whatever role it served. Natalie put her jammies on the other night and decided to put the pants on her head. I couldn't help but remember that skirt, maybe it was the color. She ran around for a while before putting the pants on inside out.

Ahhh, childhood.

Tonight she requested a peanut butter and marshmellow sandwich. I think the face says it all. She looks the same after she brushes her teeth. I think she asks for these sandwiches, or franches as she calls them, so she can play. She spreads the peanut butter relatively well, in between taking swipes of it with her finger off the bread.
Daddy comes home tonight, Yaaaa! Ah, the life of a NASCAR widow...

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Birth Control

Today we went to a birthday party for some friends' daughter. I was completely prepared for telling how much liquor I needed when we got home but thankfully it was nice out today so most of the activity was outside.

Anyway, Emily turned 4 on Thursday and I vividly remember the day she was born. Jeremy had called early that morning to tell us Patti had gone into labor. Jason was home that weekend and we were excited for them. I can't remember when we got to the hospital but Patti had just had her epidural. I think Jason and Jeremy went out while Patti rested. The boys got back and Patti had progressed enough that it was time. It was really amazing but what is even more amazing is that I had Natalie after seeing someone else give birth. When I was having Natalie the nurse asked if I needed the mirror to see what was going on and I quickly said "no, I've seen it twice. I know what it looks like." I should mention that I watched our nephew Tyler's birth so I knew what to expect. I think the first thing I told Jason about it was "wait until you see his head and you think about the hole it came out of." That was traumatic!! Isn't she cute. She's in the middle with the red hair blowing out her candles.

Okay, that's enough reminiscing. There were boys there and Natalie has issues, so at first she curled up and screamed "I don't like the boys!!!" (Diagramed in photo) She eventually calmed down and anxiously watched presents being opened. I wanted to take a picture of her and Emily but she wasn't into it. Actually, she wasn't into leaving. I guess I can't blame her. Who wouldn't want to stay at a house where someone just got a whole lot of toys and there are left over cupcakes.