Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New Doll

I've finally got caught up on my guild responsibilities and have had a little fun (with rust). But I wanted to show a work in progress. She is my next doll. She hasn't told me her name yet.

She is the from Patti Culea's first book, Creative Cloth Doll Making (as was my first doll -- see May 25, 2008 entry). I only showed her head, as to not ruin the surprise. She needs a little more makeup and I have to finish her hair. The next two photos are of her skirt. The beadwork and ribbon embroidery mimic the design on the fabric I'm using for her pashmina. It was originally going to be a jacket but I'm so proud of her outfit that I hate to cover it up. I'm hoping to have her finished for my next doll club meeting on Sept. 11, so stay tuned for the unveiling.


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