Saturday, January 31, 2009


I finished a stage of a project and normally I would be so excited to post it. But this project is a little different. It's for someone else and it can't be seen yet. So, I'll share my jubilation in having completed something. I've been in a funk lately. I think (and my friends have confirmed) that the job stress took a lot out of me and my muse is only just returning. I actually was on the verge of telling this person that I couldn't do this particular project for her when for whatever reason I was spurned on. Now, if I could just get some other non-sewing projects out of the way and clear my head for some good ole' creative flair.


Susan Brubaker Knapp said...

Hope you pull out of that funk soon! Nothing like a new projects to get the spirits rising.

elizabeth said...

what a tease you are!! i want to know what you have been creating! glad you are back.