Saturday, January 3, 2009

A New Year, at least

Welcome to a New Year! I hope this one goes better then it's starting out. I'll elaborate in a minute. The photos are of two more ornaments I made and forgot that I hadn't posted. I gave the Noel Candy to my Mom as part of her Christmas. I also made her and my MIL a set of towels and an ornament for my MIL that I forgot to take photos of. They are really cute if I may say so.

Anyway, we had a nice holiday. Jason's family came to town and we had our annual Christmas party. Putting a damper on the festivities and my reason for staying away from my blog (because I didn't have anything nice to say) was that Jason's job was in jeopardy. At the end of the NASCAR season a lot of teams were laying off and making changes which we accepted. But about two weeks before Christmas the investment firm that bought into Petty Enterprises about 6 months ago decided they were done with racing and wanted their money. The Friday before Christmas Jason and his co-workers were told to have a nice holiday because that might be it. Well, when they went back to work they were there Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday (New Year's Eve) they were told there was a meeting at 2 pm where they would turn in their keys and remove all personal property. So, welcome 2009, we don't have a job. He has been working on it and under normal circumstances this wouldn't be a problem, but these aren't normal.
So, I'm still here and surviving. I'm working on a knitted bag that is felted. Hopefully, my next post will have some happy news.


Judy Whitehead said...

Michele, I am so sorry to hear that! I've been wondering if all was okay with you guys.



sorry to hear about Jason's job......

Grace said...

oh no Michele! I'll be thinking about you both and wishing Jason success in finding a new position.