Thursday, December 11, 2008

In the Spirit

Two Christmases ago we had a real tree. We had decided that when Lowe's put their trees on sale after the holiday we were going to get an artificial. Well, we went to Indiana for the holidays that year and when we came home we found baby praying mantis' all over the living room, so that solidified the artificial tree purchase. Last year, we put it up where we normally put the tree and it was too big. It was like the scene out of Christmas Vacation, "Really full, a little sap." Anyway, I thought it could use some more ornaments and after hitting a speed bump with the blue stump doll I mentioned a few posts ago, I've been trying to make some cross stitched ornaments. These are two I've finished. There are two more whose designs are done and need to be sewn to background fabric, and I'm working on another.

They both come from Just Cross Stitch Ornament magazines of different years. I also got together with some girlfriends to knit a purse that will be felted. I will have the bottom finished for Saturday so DeLane can help me with the next step. If I get on a roll I can finish it next week. This has helped keep me focused on the holiday while dealing with Jason's job situation. They have laid off all but 36 people. We are waiting to hear if there will be a merger or they will close.



Christine said...

Hi Michelle!

I love your blog, Your cross stitched ornaments are just beautiful. I am an avid cross stitcher myself..
I too have a blog, you can check it out if you'd like!
Tell Natalie I said hello,
Louise from the Quilter's Loft

Raggedy Ann said...

Ooops! sorry about daughter Christine must have been logged into her Google Account.

This should show my blog account for you to see my blog! Just click on my picture :)


Susan Brubaker Knapp said...

That is so funny about the praying mantis invasion. They are one of my favorite insects. When I was a kid, I always found either praying mantis eggs (they look like foamy brown stuff, only hard, and an inch or two long) or birds' nests in our trees. I still check my Christmas trees for them. Apparently praying mantis like to attach their eggs to evergreens. What a shame it wasn't warm enough to get all the babies out into the garden, since they are so beneficial. But if left in the same general area, a few of them will eat all the others. They are very canibalistic. I know this because I once put one of the egg sacs in a mason jar thinking I'd get to see them grow. Three of them did, on a diet of their siblings!