Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Princess!

Sunday was Natalie's fourth birthday. It is hard to believe she is growing so fast. For the last several months she has been asking for toys and what-not that she sees, and we've been telling her that she needs to ask for it for her birthday or Christmas. Somewhere along the line I invented the "Birthday Fairy" as the bringer of presents. Well, she woke up Sunday morning and came into our room with a sad look on her face. She said "I don't think the Birthday Fairy came." I asked her why and she said she just didn't think she came. Well, we retrieved the hidden "treasures" and then she kept asking when all the people were coming.

Mom and dad came for lunch because she had to work later. So we had cake once with them and then...
some friends came over for birthday dinner and more cake. Hannah Montana of course!

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