Saturday, May 31, 2008

Two Little Things

Here are two little things I did this week. The heart on the left is needle felted. We had a great speaker at our Lake Norman Quilters Guild meeting Tuesday. Vicki Clontz from Annie's Keepsakes did a brief lecture and then showed us all how to needlefelt. Vicki is a really great teacher and I think we're bringing her back later in the summer for another workshop. I've put a pin back on it so I can wear it.

The other piece is a pin cushion. We've decided to have a "Christmas in July" craft donation event (we can't call it a sale) for the guild. I'm planning on making some little things like this, so this is the first of many.


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Debra said...

Hi! You asked to join the TIFC webring but unfortunately, that webring is closed (and has been for awhile). You can join the Quilt Studio webring. It is open to all kinds of quilters.

I am leaving a note here because I couldn't find an email address on your profile. ~~~Debra (Debra's Design Studio)