Sunday, May 25, 2008


In what started as a new project quickly became one of the funnest things I've ever made (to this point). Her name is Peach and I still can't believe how easy she was to make. It all started at Hancock's. I saw one of Patti Medaris Culea's books and flipped through it. I couldn't stop thinking about how much fun they looked. I checked it out on Amazon and then ordered her first two books. As soon as they came I started studying them until I felt ready to try it.

In her book, Patti dyes the fabric for the doll and I thought that was a little intimidating, so I went to my LQS and bought a piece of peachy-pink hand dyed (thank you, Judy). Her dress is silk hankies I bought from Janet Lasher at Barnful of Quilts. I beaded the top of the bodice. Her shoes are sewn on her feet. Her hair is chenille yard which I ran out of, but thanks to Rene I will be able to fill it out. The headband is, I think, temporary. It was placed there to help cover up the "bald spots." I may make her a hat though. I just got Patti's third book and it includes a hat pattern. Here are some other pictures of her in different stages and a closer look at her face. I was really intimidated by her face. I did the one practice piece and then unfortunately some time passed so I felt I needed to practice again. I did another practice face and then immediately did her face. Patti gives really great directions throughout the whole process but the face was the best. I have admired the dolls at the Charlotte Quilt Show before but never thought I could do them. I have since bought Susan Oroyan's books and although they are wonderful eye candy, I'm glad I found Patti's books first because they fit my style.

I so enjoyed this process! I can't wait to do the next one. And really I already own most of thethings I needed so dollmaking is just another way to create. Natalie thinks she's pretty.


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