Saturday, May 17, 2008

Beautiful Day

Natalie is very excited to wear sundresses. Who knew that such a sweet little girl could get so dirty. She has comandeered my necklace, even to the point of wearing it to school. Speaking of school, Tuesday is her last day. I think she made a lot of progress this year. She's enjoying her time outside, smelling (and picking) flowers, chasing butterflys and dancing in the sunshine. This summer should be very interesting. We're excited about the pool opening this summer and I think we're going to enroll her in some sort of gymnastics.

We've had some more visitors of the four legged kind. Last weekend, I went out the back door to put the trash out and was unexpected greeted by fowl.

Yes, quack quack.

And then, Natalie was playing in the backyard while I was pulling weeds and I saw this little guy hiding from me.

I'm working on several different projects but not one long enough to finish. Plus, I lost last week being sick. But things are looking up and the sun is shining!


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