Sunday, April 27, 2008

Lessons from Nature and Something New

When the weather warms we start to hear the familiar croak of frogs and toads. There is a farm pond and a stream not far from our home and the little buggers come out of the woods in the spring to entertain us. We have found them in the fish pond, burrowed in the mulch, clinging to the side of the house, living in the closed deck umbrella, and desperately trying to get in the French doors.

This morning I went out on the deck to get a read on the day and spotted this speck (which honestly looked like a big spitball) on our fire pit. I'm always wondering if the neighborhood kids reek havoc on the surrounding homes during the night, so my initial thought was the aforementioned spitball or maybe gum. So I had to get a closer look, with the ever present shadow in tow -- "What's that momma? Can I touch it? Can I play with it? Why's he sitting there, momma?"

Well, look how cute he is!! He (or she) is very smooth and looks just like a rock. I couldn't tell if he was looking at us or not because it's eyes were the same color as the skin. Natalie refrained from touching him and at last check he was still there. Whatever possesses them to choose such odd sleeping places is beyond me. I mentioned the deck umbrella earlier...last year we had one take residence there all summer long. Whenever we went out to open it up we got the hairy eyeball from a toad. Excuse me...Anyway, funny critters. Soon they'll be all over the driveway at night and one of us will unknowingly run one over.

Fun stuff...I'm working on a particular project I think I mentioned (a doll)and tested drawing the face. She's not bad for the first attempt. I know some things I need to do differently next time. I may do another practice before I do the real thing. The book I'm using is really specific which is helpful. I used watercolor pencils, which smudged but I think I could blend them better. Still testing this, lots of fun, can't wait to finish her.
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