Friday, June 5, 2009

Purple Pansies

In January, I happily posted about a project I completed concerning "pansies" that I was unable to show. Well, here it is and now I can explain. My friend, Susan designed a needleturn applique pattern called Petal Party and the publishers wanted to include alternate colorways in the pattern because it is all pink. You can see more about it on her blog. Anyway, she asked several of us to make samples and this is mine. I love to do needleturn applique. Susan is actually the one who taught me and I was very honored to be a part of the project.

Here is a close-up. I was very pleased with how my machine quilting turned out as well.
Enjoy! (I did.)


elizabeth said...

I like the purple. Did you come up with your block design or did Susan?

Michele said...

It's Susan's flower design and my idea for a border. Her only direction was it couldn't be pink.