Friday, June 5, 2009

June Pandora's Project

I'm a part of a small group called the Pandora's and June is my month to do the project. I'm posting these photos so my fellow Pandora's can get a taste of what we're doing on Monday. It is based on the "Art-to-Go" project from Quilting Arts Spring 2004. I call this "Sherbert". I counched different yarns all over the outside. The pins are holding the flaps in place. I thought I would have the prototype finished by now but I keep thinking of cool things to do with it.
Another view. The basting stitches will be removed.

This is cording I made to use as the handle.

Stay tuned. I think this will be a pretty neat project.


delanequilts said...

Can't wait to come play at your house! The box is cute.

elizabeth said...

I didn't realize that the box would be made out of fabric. I am drooling as I will miss out on Monday. You all have a great time. Liz

Susan Brubaker Knapp said...

Looks neat, Michele!