Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Nunofelt Scarf

Yesterday, my friends Susan, DeLane and I headed to Winston to take a Nunofelt class with Vicki Clontz of Annie's Keepsakes. It was a labor intensive process but we had a great time. The first photo shows me applying Merino wool to my silk scarf.

Here is an in-process photo.
Here I am rolling my scarf. We did this probably 2200 times.
This is my finished scarf still wet.And a close-up of it drying in the driveway.

Vicki was to teach this class to the Lake Norman Quilters in August but it didn't happen. I was actually in the process of teaching myself this technique when Vicki made the offer and I'm very happy she did. We got to see what it should look like when it's finished and when it's not (very important). I will definitely be doing this again. Thanks Vicki for a great class!


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