Sunday, October 26, 2008

Memories of Jane

I participated in the EPU II Cultures in Cloth Challenge on the Quilt Art list and this is my completed piece. I decided to focus on the culture of women in a family and dedicate it to my grandmother. Being a cultural "mutt" of sorts, my family did not cling strongly to one particularly aspect of our geneological background (German, French, and Irish are the ones I know of). But being from Berks County, PA, where there is a strong Pennsylvania Dutch (or German) Heritage, and very close to Amish country, some of our traditions, especially food, reflected both of those cultures. The distelfink birds represent this as they are symbols of luck and good fortune and often seen in Hex Signs on barns in the area. The wording in the middle says "There is a thread that connects us all. Mother to Daughter. Generation to Generation. Woman to Woman."

The Pagoda is a symbol in Reading, PA, my hometown.

The photos are each of four generations, one when my mother was a child and the other with my daughter as an infant.

The jewelry piece in the right hand corner is one of my grandmother Jane's earrings. When she passed away there was an extensive collection of jewelry and a lot of clip earrings. I thought this piece would add a personal touch to the piece.

The connection I have to my mother and grandmother is the strongest and I believe that the culture of the women in a family helps to shape each new generation and is the best vehicle for passing down tradition.


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