Saturday, July 5, 2008

Studio Journal On-line Class Part I

I started purchasing supplies from when I made my doll and I religiously read Barbara's newsletter each Sunday. I noticed the listing of on-line classes and perused them with some interest. I'd never taken an on-line class before but I felt like the available classes at my LQS were not feeding my creative mind. Then my friend, Susan and I were talking about Joggles and she mentioned this Studio Journal class. I went back and read it's description again, and thought this was just what I needed to get my mind working in a different way.

So far it's been great, although I can see why I don't get anything done. Natalie doesn't like when I do anything, so she really doesn't like this. And reading the Forum (where students can interact with the teacher and each other) is very addictive. Our instructor is in Australia and the students are all over the world, although there is a large NC constituent.

The first lesson invited you to decorate your sketchbook to your liking. I decided a collage and an inspirational saying would help take the "blank page" stigma off the project. I chose a magazine picture that I liked, something that made me smile and an uplifting saying. It says "You know that feeling when you've called your mother, balanced your checkbook and folded your socks. That's how I feel"

The second page I outlined the page with what Sharon uses to describe the studio journal. I left the inside blank so that I could note how that statement makes me feel. I've added two statements with room for plenty more.

Next in the lesson are some rubbings, or frottage. I've been looking at things in the house differently and found that most things are smooth. I plan to do some more frottage but as lesson two was released yesterday I need to move on.

Next Sharon wanted us to draw like we stitch. I found myself doodling but in a good way.

Finally, she gave us a picture of Van Gogh's Starry Night and wanted us to draw in black and white how we would stitch it. I would like to work on this some more, eventually. I also printed out a photo of a Cezanne picture that I would like to work like this. I also found an interesting picture of a spiral staircase that has striped carpet on the stairs. I think it would interesting to work in a drawing. I used to draw extensively as a child and I'm beginning to see why. It is very releasing. Just prior to starting this class I started keeping a small journal of doodles and ideas that, just like this, may never be anything but are on paper. I also have written some poetry and liked quotations in there.

Next is color. I have my magazines at the ready and will hopefully get to start working on that tonight.


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