Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Studio Journal Color Study

I wanted to make sure that I got to work on at least part of my exercise for this week. This week Sharon has us working on color. The first photo is a watercolor wash that I then sprinkled salt on. The salt is supposed to pull the color away and create a very interesting effect. The green worked but the red was already drying. I then thought it needed something so I added the stamps. This was kind of my warm up and I wanted to try the salt technique.

Next was a color study. We were challenged to find colors in magazines. I started with the multi-colored one in the left hand corner and built from there. I can see how helpful this will be when planning a project. I to often work strictly in my head and then I get frustrated. Sharon tells us that ideas don't necessarily have to be seen through and to often I've felt that everything I think of has to come to fruition. I need to stop doing that and I reall think this class will help. We have several other exercises for the week but Jason leaves tomorrow so I never know what time I will have.



verobirdie said...

Very nice collage! I like the contrast of shapes.

Susan Brubaker Knapp said...

These colors are so nice together, Michele! They feel very summery to me. The circles are cool with the squares.

I have not taken the time to get some fabrics & thread together to go with my color swatches yet...