Friday, February 20, 2009


So I've finally found my muse creeping back into my life. As soon as my friend and I finished organizing the Daniel Stowe exhibit I started to feel like creating again. It happened to be close to Valentine's Day and maybe that's the reason I chose this theme. But I highly doubt. I've never been a fan of this particular holiday, probably because it's better known to me as Daytona week. Jason and I have only spend three Valentine's Days together in 9 years and one of those he made me cry, so I don't think so. Love can be associated with so many images, I think I chose that word because it's easy. Anyway...

I found a piece of light pink fabric and painted it with magenta Dye-na-flow. I let that dry and then painted it with sparkly Lumiere. I again waited until it dryed (giving me ample time to plot my next move). I found a font I like, printed it in large enough letters, cut out the letters, and stenciled "Love" with Shiva paintsticks.

Next I took a piece of light pink felt and needlefelted red merino wool in a heart shape. I then attached an Artgirlz charm and beaded the heart.

Next I chose a stamp with a large surface area and applied foil glue. Let it dry and applied the foil. I then positioned the heart on the piece.

At this point, the heart is sewn down with hand-dyed variegated thread. I have added some vertical lines to the piece and I've started to bead around the letters. Stay tuned, it's coming out very nice.

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