Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Little Bit of Fall

This is my favorite time of year! Everything is still green and the afternoons are warm, but gone are the sticky, HOT days of summer.

So, I was inspired. I saw these foundation pieced leaves in a magazine (which one escapes me at the moment) and copied them in a variety of sizes. I then made the corresponding areas to make it all fit.

We've had some excitement here in the last few weeks. Jason finally left Chip Ganassi Racing after 5 years and a lot of turmoil. In June, they laid off 70+ and we decided he needed to seriously look elsewhere. Once his driver made the announcement that he was leaving, Jason knew he needed to get out while he had an offer. So, this past week was his first at Petty Enterprises. In addition to the team change, he will no longer be on the road so for the first time in the 8 1/2 years that we've been together, we will both be home. A REAL LIFE! His being around is still a novelty to Natalie but hopefully that will wear off. He still goes on Sunday to change tires and now we root for Bobby Labonte. He is also working with his brother, which is proving to be entertaining.


Grace said...

Hey, way to get to have your hubby back home...and Nat will get used to having Daddy home real fast.

delanequilts said...

I know you must be thrilled having Jason home! Congrats to both of you. I'm sure he and Natalie will enjoy the transition.