Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Felted Bag Progress

Here is what I've been dealing with the last few days. Lots of this white crap they don't know how to deal with in North Carolina and a five-year old with cabin fever. This photo is from Saturday. She went out twice that day. Sunday she went out once and hasn't been out since.
Here is the finished market bag I've been knitting. It is much bigger then I thought it would be.

Here it is felted. I was hoping to work on the flowers but I don't have the appropriate size DPN. Since it doesn't look like I'll be getting out anytime soon, I may substitute the next size.

And I just had to share this. This was a belt when I was in high school. It was in a box next to catnip. Haley is enjoying herself. What better fun on a snowy day but to get your cat high!


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