Saturday, October 3, 2009

Studio Tour

Welcome to my Studio! Here is Haley, the official greeter. My studio is located in the bonus room above our garage and it is approximately 250 square feet. When we built our house, the plan was always that this room would be mine while my husband has a detached garage for his "car things."

Here is the view from the top of the stairs as you come into the room. With the knee walls, I don't have flat space for a design wall. I use an easel and small design board. You can see the bluish piece in the background. Someone still hasn't hung my curtain rod.
I absolutely love these wire basket units. We got them in the closet organization section of Lowes. It took Jason 10 minutes to assemble each one. He hung the counter top on the wall. He did most of this work one evening after work. It took me longer to clean and then put it back. I will fill in the two spaces with drawer units.
A close-up of the counter. I love my pincushion from the Daily Pincushion. That is a matching emery in front. The set was my "welcome to your new studio" present to myself. I store brushes in old mugs.
He built me a high counter and then a low counter with a space for either a second sewing machine or my embellisher machine. The wooden box next to it is my lightbox. Jason built that for me. It has a great large top.
Here is an opposite view of the counter.
This is the far corner. There is a bookcase, some magazine organizers for my Australian magazines and a reproduction sewing box.

This is my grandmother's sewing machine and a spool holder that my dad built for me.
My messy sewing machine cabinet.
One of two steel tables someone was throwing away. It is a small ironing station or an additional workspace.
This is the nook next to the staircase. It is the paper station. There is another steel table. Next to it is my bookcase. There is a cube bookcase across from it where I have some UFO's.
Thank you for visiting.

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Raggedy Ann said...

It's AWESOME!!!!
I miss having my own space. When we moved from FL..I gave up my sewing room. I can't wait to move to another house that has space for me again. I am so happy for you Michele!
You must have so much fun and do so much creating in there!
What a wonderful place for you. :)