Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy Fall Y'All

On this the first day of fall, I thought it would be fitting to show my latest creation, a Pumpkin Tablesquare. I call it a tablesquare because it is much smaller then a tablerunner, not quite 24". I used hand-dyed and felted wool on a brushed cotton background. I handstitched with some beautiful hand-dyed Valdani threads and needleturned the corduroy leaves. Finally, I pillowcased the backing. I may do some additional stitching once the next one is backed.

This piece is an original design, although how original can pumpkins be, but I didn't use a pattern. I had wanted something like this and couldn't find anything I like. The creative juices are flowing again thanks to the clean studio, so... It finished very quickly, less then a week, so the second one is already started.

As I was making it I realized it needed to be a gift. My neighbor helps me with Natalie whenever I'm in a pinch, which isn't very often but I still appreciate. So, it has gone to a new home.


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