Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow Day

Today we got snow in North Carolina. And as someone who grew up in with my mother refers to as the "tundra" this was nice, not alot. Actually as I write this the bright sun is melting it. It will be gone tomorrow and this weekend we'll be in shorts, working outside as it will be in the 70's. But as this is the first substantial snowfall Natalie has ever seen, we had to, of course, go out and play.

Here you can see we got quite alot by southern standards.So here she is all bundled up and ready to go out. We saw the beginning up of it last night before we went to bed and she was so excited this morning.Here she is in her sled. Our backyard has a hill, just enough to push her down the hill. She wanted me to get in behind her.So, one run in the sled and she was off. She was attempting to build a snowman. You can see what we refer to as the "River Sheets" winding through our yard. Mind you, before it snowed it had been raining since Friday, so the yard was good and sloppy already. The water always runs through our yard at this spot. After attempting and failing at the snowman building, we went out front to visit with some neighbors who were out. Daddy came out, too, to try to move his truck. He made it home from Vegas but the truck slid when it hit the concrete. Natalie was complaining about being cold, so we went in. She had snow inside her pants all the way up to her knees. So, after removing the wet clothes, she went back to her prissy self.

Hope you're enjoying the day, wherever you might be.



Grace said...

Ha! love the snow getup. Connor has this desperate need to play in the snow as much as he can so he's back outside....again.

Ladysg said...

Just like back in PA. Ours didn't all melt yet.